Product Description

Solar Blue Glass
Solar blue glass is made by vacuum magnetron sputtering coating device to form metal or ceramic compound films on the glass surface. the coatings have complex structure, so the coating machine should have every strong production capacity and high technical control precision.


1- Avoid the light pollution and build good ecological environment.
2- Control solar energy radiation effectively, save expenses of air conditioners in summer.
3- Can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated without affecting the coating.


Reflective glass/solar control coated glass is widely used in building, hotels and glass curtain wall, which is usually processed to tempered reflective glass, laminated reflective glass, insulated reflective glass.

Quality Standards

Top quality glass with CE certificate, comply with Iran ISIRI standard, EN 1096 (European Standard).


Thickness (mm): 3-12
Dimensions (mm): 3210×6000, 3210×2250, 3210×2000, 1605×2250, 1605×2000, 3210×2500, 1605×2500, etc.
Colors: Blue

Performances (EN 410 & EN 637)
DGU 4mm-16mm Argon-4mm Clear Glass

Interior Pane : Clear Float Glass
Exterior Pane (Coating Position #2): Solar Blue
Light Transmittance (LT%): 41.31
UV Transmittance (UVT%): 23
Exterior Light Reflection (LR%): 14
Interior Light Reflection (LR%): 27
Solar Factor(g): 0.54
Shading Coefficient(SC): 0.62
U Value EN 637 [W/(m².k)]: 2.62

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