Product Description

Reflective glass/solar control coated glass is a soft coating product by high tech glass coating line which is used in tropic area and large scale glass building.
offline solar control coated glass/reflective glass is a type solar control coated glass that features low visible light transmittance, low reflective and easy thermal processing. The production of solar control coated glass/reflective glass adopts a world advanced PVD technology accomplished by applying clear float glass and even oxidized metal deposition on the float glass substrate surface. Its durable, transparent tough coating offers better thermal/optical qualities. Solar control coated glass/reflective glass is an ideal option for new top architectural glass.


1- Solar comfort: Reflects a large proportion of the solar radiation, thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building.

2- Superior visual comfort: Reflects away the light quantum of daylight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light.

3- Superior durability: High wear and superior scratch resistance as it is “soft coated”.


Reflective glass/solar control coated glass is widely used in building, hotels and glass curtain wall, which is usually processed to tempered reflective glass, laminated reflective glass, insulated reflective glass.

Quality Standards

Top quality glass with CE certificate, comply with Iran ISIRI standard, EN 1096 (European Standard).


Thickness (mm): 3-12
Dimensions (mm): 3210×6000, 3210×2250, 3210×2000, 1605×2250, 1605×2000, 3210×2500, 1605×2500, etc.
Colors: Grey

Performances (EN 410 & EN 637)
DGU 4mm-16mm Argon-4mm Clear Glass

Interior Pane : Clear Float Glass
Exterior Pane (Coating Position #2): Solar Grey
Light Transmittance (LT%): 20.16
UV Transmittance (UVT%): 4
Exterior Light Reflection (LR%): 10.08
Interior Light Reflection (LR%): 29.54
Solar Factor(g): 0.29
Shading Coefficient(SC): 0.34
U Value EN 637 [W/(m².k)]: 2.62

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